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          WE UNDERSTAND:

          ส รอ ต xo

          You can rely on Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. to provide quality, responsive, on-time and on-budget solutions - no drama and no excuses.


          Asa Engineering & Consulting

          Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. is a multi-disciplined professional services provider that delivers land planning; civil site engineering design; transportation design; land surveying; landscape architecture; environmental consulting; facilities assessments; and construction management, inspection and testing services to both public and private sector Clients. Our strength is rooted in our family of employees and owners. Each are experts in their respective fields; each are committed to delivering honest, quality, responsive services; and each are dedicated to our valued Clients and the successful outcome of their projects.


          We build honesty, integrity and mutual respect into EVERY project.


          Expectations are clearly communicated

          Scope-of-services are clearly defined

          Potential obstacles are identified & discussed


          Woman Owned


          We take great pride in being certified by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TN-UCP) and the Tennessee Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE) as a small, woman-owned business enterprise, but we are first and foremost planners, engineers, landscape architects, designers, surveyors, scientists and construction services professionals.


          Asa in the News

          Stay up-to-date on current projects.


          We are hiring in our Chattanooga office!


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